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It is very important for you to pick an Air Conditioner (AC) whose capacity is just right to get the best cooling for your room and space, and more importantly, the air conditioner must always be bought from reliable vendors at best affordable prices.

The AC purchase decision must be based upon your usage pattern. If you are going to use your AC only for a few hours daily, then a 3-star AC would be sufficient enough. Also, lower star-rated ACs usually have a higher air circulation rate which can turn your room cool much faster. If you are going to use your AC for nearly or more than 8 hours then, it would be appropriate for you to go with a 5-star AC. A 5-star AC might be a little costlier but make sure you choose a low power consuming one to make a worthwhile difference to your electricity bill.

While purchasing an Air conditioner you must also find about its after-sale services. Much like cars, air conditioners also need regular servicing for optimum performance. So you should always check out the after-sale services and warranties for the air conditioner that you are looking to buy. A little research from your side will help you nd out the worst and the best air conditioners in the market. Unique AC can help you purchase the best air conditioners that are most appropriate for you. Contact us and make the right decision with Unique AC.

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With well over 6 years experience in the mechanical ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC),
we guarantee our clients services that exceed international standards. We have the team and the equipment
to get the job done right and on time

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We have excellent relationships with some of the country's major retailers as well as other independent groups. We undertake installations at new machines as well as repairs on existing ones, and realize the necessity of working to tight deadlines. We do whatever the specic job requires, by calling on additional resources, changing schedules, re-planning or working overtime


We have extensive experience with various manufacturing sectors, including engineering, timber, aluminum, footwear, packaging, automotive components, and tools. We work closely with our clients to ensure a focused answer for all mechanical ventilation, cooling and heating requirements


Property Development

We have extensive relationships with property developers including architects, consulting engineers, building contractors and quantity surveyors. We work with the development team to ensure a shared vision that result in harmonious and effective solutions.