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Repair & Services
Why Repair & Services is Required?

Some Common Problems Of AC

Water leakage from AC while it is on

Foul smell coming all the time

Unexpected noise from the AC once put on

Faulty wiring within the machine

Room is not cooling even with AC put on till 15 minutes

Service Offered By Unique Air Conditioning

Installation or Uninstallation Services: Thinking about moving to a new place or buying a new AC for your home, Unique Air Conditioning will take care of installing as well as uninstalling your AC. They provide for all the maintenance of air conditioner services at reasonable rates.


AMC of ac refers to annual maintenance contract or AMC For AC. In this, the customer can avail to the services of the expert like changing of fan or compressor or changing the remote of the AC to the guarantee period written in AC AMC contract. The AMC period could be anywhere between one year to five years or more.

AC AMC Price List

The AMC also have other services in which the customer has to pay extra chargers like for changing air filters, circuit breaker, etc. The AMC format for AC could be different according to the brand you choose. AC AMC price list could also vary from location to location, i.e., from across the country. Air conditioner AMC is a routine check-up to the guarantee period too.

Ac Repairs:

Unique Air Conditioning takes care of the home air conditioner maintenance. We provide several repair services such as changing air filters, compressor or faulty wires. Cleaning the AC is also a common problem among the owners as if you are not aware of the technical parts. Unique Air Conditioning provides trained expert engineers to take care of your all AC related repairs or issues as well as cleaning any AC.

Wet AC Repairs:

Water leakage is also a significant problem which many AC owners face. The water leakage could be caused by the growth of molds or due to small insects stuck in the air filters. Unique Air Conditioning makes sure that your home air conditioner maintenance is their top priority and provides you with prompt and quick service.

AC Piping Services:

If you have damaged pipes or need to change the old pipes of your AC you could call Unique Air Conditioning repair service provider to get a quality product at reasonable and fixed price rate. You could get pipes for any brand or type to be it industrial, commercial, or for personal use.

AC Ducting Services:

Another service provided by Unique Air Conditioning is that of AC ducting as well as duct cleaning services. Ducting is an integral part of an AC as they help get the hot air out and make the room cool.

6 Years Experience
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With well over 6 years experience in the mechanical ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC),
we guarantee our clients services that exceed international standards. We have the team and the equipment
to get the job done right and on time

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Commercial / Corporate

We have excellent relationships with some of the country's major retailers as well as other independent groups. We undertake installations at new machines as well as repairs on existing ones, and realize the necessity of working to tight deadlines. We do whatever the specic job requires, by calling on additional resources, changing schedules, re-planning or working overtime


We have extensive experience with various manufacturing sectors, including engineering, timber, aluminum, footwear, packaging, automotive components, and tools. We work closely with our clients to ensure a focused answer for all mechanical ventilation, cooling and heating requirements


Property Development

We have extensive relationships with property developers including architects, consulting engineers, building contractors and quantity surveyors. We work with the development team to ensure a shared vision that result in harmonious and effective solutions.